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General characteristics of water in sanatorium complex “Termal-star”:

1. Thermal mineral water of bore number 32 of resort area in Nizhne Solotvino village.
– Carbonic, highly silicic and highly mineral sodium-chloride and low acidic thermal water, sort of Wiesbaden (Germany)

2. Mineral water of bore number 5-07 of resort area in Nizhne Solotvino village.
- Low mineralized highly silicic carbonate calcium-sodium water, which is referred to low mineralized silicic waters according to its structure, sort of Kuldur-Pyrenean (France)

3. Climate
- Resort is placed at lowland zone at high 150 meters above the sea.

- Microclimatic conditions of resort are very favorable because this area is placed in surrounding of yang mountains of volcanic origin, covered by trees.

Type and characteristics of water

Balneological procedures of sanatorium “Termal-star” are unique because of the natural and highly silicic water that is rich by mineral salts wich are basic for these procedures; these mineral salts are especially healing because of its qualities which are widely-known from the ancient times.

Reasons for therapy at “Termal-star” are illnesses of muscle skeletal system and peripheral nervous system, digestive system, and urinary system, general reduction of living vitality, psychical and emotional disorders.