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Cosmetology- Термал Стар
Cosmetology- Термал Стар

Our cosmetologist will offer you traditional services: face cleaning, peeling, different masks and face massages. In the cosmetology room your skin will become smooth, gently shiny and healthy. Procedures are popular because of its pronounced renewing effect.

Conference servise

Conference servise - Термал Стар
Conference servise - Термал Стар

There are perfect conditions for combining business and rest at sanatorium “Termal-star”. We offer:
- Conference hall for 70 people;
- Conference hall for 130 people;
- Negotiation room for 15 people;
- Banquet hall for 45 people.

Modern equipment of halls and experience of our personnel will provide professional and high level arrangements of your event, no matter if it is business meeting, conference, seminar, team competition or big banquet.